1. Trying New Things- I was in a St. Patrick’s Pageant where I learned the Irish dance of jigging and wrote an original limerick. The pageant also made me challenge my fears of public speaking.  I loved exploring my Irish heritage and proving to myself that anything is possible and fears should not stop me from trying new things. Trying new things is important for enriching your life and your soul.


                                           “There once was a lass named Nicole” 2016 Pageant Limerick

2. Being Apart of Country And City Life- Growing up in a small town, country setting became the norm. I believe nature offers food for the soul, where you can reflect, discover, and be inspired. It is important to love what is in your backyard and take time to look at the sunsets. I enjoy line dancing, horseshoe competition, and mud bogs. ON THE OTHER SIDE, I enjoy being artistic, classy, and sophisticated in the city. Going to the city I feel alive and inspired by the lights and the amount of people I pass by. Through the millions of people everyone has different backgrounds, personalities, and attributes for the world. With each individual you can learn from them and in turn incorporate that lesson into  your life.

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3. Being Spontaneous and Hard Working- One of the most important things in life is to make each day special by being spontaneous, you don’t have to go crazy and blow off everything, but take time for yourself. If you live by a strict schedule all the time then that schedule will run your life. Being spontaneous is something I told myself I would work on because I spend so much time on academics and involvements, but being able to balance both and give yourself a break is also beneficial. While, being spontaneous is important, so is hard work. Each day I want to grow and keep reaching my goals because success is like a drug once you reach it you want more. There is no finite definition of success there is no end point, it is something one should try to defeat each day and climb higher on the next.


Regardless of the picture quality, this picture means so much to me. My mom and I took my grandma to adventure in Empire, Michigan. After driving up to the top of the 500 ft sand dune overlook my Grandma insisted we just spend the night in the vehicle. So, here we are living in the moment not worried about tomorrow. That is the essence of life. 

Senior year I started Rotary Interact. I wanted to do a service project for our community, so I planned a nature day camp. I worked hard to make the event a success by inviting local boy scouts and DNR officers, as well as having outdoor goodies for the children. My biggest mission was to connect the youth to the land and show the importance of appreciating what is in your backyard. 


4. Traveling And Exploring- “Travel far enough you meet yourself” Exploring foreign cities makes for the best memories as well as discovering not only new places, but yourself. Seeing different culture and diving into is perfect for enriching your life and seeing a different perspective. “The best souvenir you can bring back from your travels is a broader perspective.” I want to encompass everything I learn from others and I want to discover who I am at my most vulnerable state, being alone in a foreign place. Nature plays a big part in exploring. If you appreciate nature you can find beauty in anything. Being alone with the silence of nature can speak the loudest in answering questions you need answers to or just finding yourself.

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5. Volunteering- “Alone we can do so little: together we can do so much” Volunteer work is soooo important in life. It makes your life better and your heart bigger. Learning to be selfless in a materialistic world is a great achievement. Some people will never understand the importance of volunteer work. A small change can be a ripple effect! Be the change you wish in the world; we rise by lifting others up. I live by one act of random kindness a day, it can and will make a difference. What have you done today?

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