I attend Central Michigan University in Mt.Pleasant, MI. I choose CMU because the atmosphere I felt when I came for a tour. When I was looking at colleges I wanted to try something new and stray from the local ones. Coming from a small town and high school (Pinconning High School) it was refreshing to tour CMU because it offered a homey feel that I wanted within a school. CMU was able to offer a big change for me by being a bigger university, but it also kept a part of my comfort zone by being small in the sense of being very welcoming and close knitted. Another big push for me to go to CMU was the amount of opportunities available for leadership and volunteer work. A big part of my life is service above self and leading those with that ideology.


In middle school I told myself I would be the next Erin Brockovich. I wanted to be an environmental lawyer. I wanted to be the voice for the environment and the community. Erin Brockovich’s persistent attitude inspired me to be her. For those of you who do not know Erin Brockovich she is an environmental activist.She worked as a file clerk in a L.A. law firm. Brockovich had uncovered files and evidence linking illnesses to high levels of hexavalent chromium found in the drinking water. The pollution was traced back to the PG&E compressor station in Hinkley.  PG&E had been aware of the problem and tried to cover up the pollution. There was over 600 cases and it settled for $333 million, one of the largest in United States history for this kind of case.



A few years passed…

and I realized my personality was not meant for being a lawyer. Even though I would love to make a difference and stand up for the voiceless, I knew it was not for me. There I was again on the hunt for a new career path. Personalities and mental disorders have always been interesting to me and from there I wanted to get a doctorate in psychology and do research within that field. One of my main reasons for being interested in this field is because it offers the ability to help many lives whether it is those with mental disabilities or those affected by it. Again, I came to the point where I knew that my personality was not fit for that job.

I thought long and hard trying to think of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I analyzed my personality and asked myself what I wanted from a job and what would my dream jobs atmosphere look like. Also, I looked at things I do in my free time and what I enjoy and then I realized what I wanted to do. I decided I want to have some kind of leadership position that is hands-on, dealing with people, and allows for creativity. As of now I plan to get a Recreation/Event Management major (commercial). For my minors I looking at a Leadership minor and a Hospitality Management minor. Leadership has allows been a big part of my life and with that I feel is important in having a minor in. Hospitality management allows me to have open opportunities in the business field and it holds true to who I am, one that likes people and leadership roles. One thing I noticed about these fields is that my past passion of psychology can still play a role in my career, but in a way that fits my personality with being creative and dealing with people.

 An old friend of mine said,

“Plans limit possibilities”

At first I didn’t know what it meant, but I soon learned first-handily. As I set plans for myself it is equally important to keep my eyes open for different possibilities. So many people miss out on opportunities that can be more beneficial than the things they plan for.  I have changed my major two times and I may have found my right career path that is  fit for my personality and skill sets, but it would never have been for me not self evaluating myself. I am glad I thought about what kind of job would fit who I am and not just somebody I wish I could be. I feel it is really important in knowing who you are and what attributes you have. Everyone has different qualities to give to the world and I am glad I have this opportunity at CMU to find my passion and gift for the world.