Goals as a Leader

The definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. However, success is not just an end point or a final stage, it is more of a stepping stone. You reach “success”, but then your definition of success should change, it should change to something that you wish to accomplish next. Success should not have a stopping point, but a stop light that turns green once you are ready to reach your next goal. As a leader I want to incorporate that idea into my life. When I feel I have succeeded, I want to stop and look at what I can do now and keep going!!! Along with keeping going, I want to keep learning and growing. Nobody is perfect! There is always room for improvement!

Below are my leadership goals! Most of my goals are more intangible/broad goals that I wish to improve on and not just limit “completing” at a certain point because they are ideas that always have room for improvement, therefore there is no one end result to show that I completed it.

Leadership styles: My style of leadership is a spirited and considerate. I want to learn more about who I am as a leader. I want to enhance my strengths and acknowledge the weaknesses that come with those styles and learn how to decrease those not so beneficial traits. I think it is important to look at what leader you are, but also to look at what leadership style you aren’t and see what you can learn from it and how to incorporate those traits into your life. By understanding that there are different leadership styles in everyone I want to be able to be able to identify them and know how to work with them being aware of their strengths and weaknesses. I intend on working on this through each organization I am a part of. Also, I plan to explore different leadership styles and really analyze and incorporate them into my life.

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Inclusive: Coming from a small town, there was not much diversity. I want to learn and experience diversity. I want to be comfortable with all identities. Being a leader it is important to stay aware of other people’s beliefs and have respect for that.  Along, with inclusiveness I want to continue being aware of the language I use making sure it is person first language and avoiding language that could be offensive to others. I am going to start this today by being more aware of what I say or even do making sure everyone feels included. Another important way to expand inclusiveness is acknowledging those that aren’t. I lot of people are not educated on inclusive language and how words can affect others so I want to also teach others what to say and not to say. Ultimately, I want everyone to feel equal and worthy as a person regardless of their identity(s). I want people to be inclusive and not discriminate. No one identity or belief is better than another and it is important to remember that.

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Stepping back: As a leader it is important to step back. I see all to often people get caught up in their selves, their position, or the situation where they forget to set out and reflect. We should always have a step back mindset because it allows you to notice things, especially things involving your team or group. I want to be able to recognize if one person in my group is upset or if someone is not getting there voice heard. Also, when a project or something is completed I want to be able to reflect on what I have learned and taking it further to what can I apply now whether it is changes or things that went right that should be re-implemented. To grow in this I challenge myself weekly to take a step back and really look at the whole picture and make sure what I am doing I am doing for a reason and that everyone I am in contact with I make them feel important. Another aspect to stepping back is not always having to be the leader with the loud voice, it is okay to step back now and then and let someone else lead. Sometimes you need to be the leader vocally driving the team to a certain goal, but also there is a time to just be a helping hand and help the leader achieve the goal. For the future I am going to acknowledge other teammates strengths and allow them to take charge in the area that fits their strengths. It is easy to be leader hungry, but it is not always the best decision because someone can be more equipped for the situation.

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Perspectives: There are so many people with so many different ideas! I want to improve my ability of understanding other perspectives, as well as not just always thinking my perspective is the best. Also, I want to enhance my perspective. I want to grow my mind and change how I view certain things. I want to have a more in-depth mindset, meaning being able to look beyond what is on the surface. Along, with thinking more about things, I want to have more of a positive hopeful mind. I feel as humans we can all fail at times on keeping a positive perspective, but I want to stay motivated in changing my thoughts. A great way to start this is waking up each day and saying something positive to myself and then complimenting someone each day as well.



Present: I am guilty of zoning out and becoming distracted. My goal is to be more present in life. I want to be fully present not just physically there. When I am with people I want to hear them. I need to learn to take away the hectic distractions of our world. I want to learn to be more one with the earth. I want to feel the ground beneath my feet and really see and hear what the world is telling/showing me. So many people are alive, but not living. Not living in the moment or living out the day by being aware and present. My goal to reach this is to minimize my distractions, especially my phone. I want to practice listening and actually listening.

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Set Higher Goals: I want to do big better things. I want to make a better difference within my clubs and community. I do not want to fall in the comfort zone and be stuck in what the easy thing to do it. Setting higher goals, is difficult, but if it was easy it would not be as worth it. I want to be bolder and take risks. Summer of 2017 I plan to live in Colorado for the summer to become more independent and try something new in a different state. It is scary to think I will be hundreds of miles away from home, but I know it will strengthen who I am and mold be into a better person. Setting higher goals that are out of your comfort zone force you to be more courageous, independent, and determined. By challenging yourself you are able to become more confident it who you are and what you can do. I am going to work to get a higher GPA then last semester, by dedicating more time to study. Also, I am going to be more committed to working out and bettering my body by eating more fruits and vegetables and working out daily.

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Learn New Things: You will never know everything! Learn new things! Grow! I have a thirst for trying new things I want to be diverse. I want to know more things. There are so many things to learn in the world weather it is a language, an instrument, educational facts, or other hobbies. Everything will help you grow or become a better person. Personally, I want to learn Spanish and sign language. I also want to learn the guitar and ukulele. I want to read more books, learning different facts or perspectives. 2017 I plan to learn Spanish by getting Rosetta Stone. Also, I want to learn sign language in the next 5 years. I want to be able to play guitar and ukulele by this year and I plan do so by dedicating Sundays to practice. Another goal is to read a book or watch a documentary every month to expand my knowledge or range on an idea. I want to be a sponge to world because there is so much to learn and grow from.

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Make More Mistakes and Learn: If you never make mistakes you never learn. I want to be more comfortable with making mistakes because I tend to let failure upset me. As human, my instinct is to feel negative emotions affiliated with failure, but I want to change that mindset where failure can actually benefit me. I want to use mistakes as a stepping stone or as an important lesson that will grow my character. It is important to remember that if you never make mistakes you will never learn. Also, without the fear of making mistakes it will allow be to try new things and not be afraid to. Mistakes are good. Mistakes are good! Each and everyday I plan to remind myself and to be more fearless in trying new things because mistakes are inevitable.

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