Goals in Life

If I had to list my life goals out it would be a list to the moon and back. However, I generalized my life goals into a broader overview of them all.

In life I want to become more self-less. I believe that service and positive affirmation is the most powerful thing you can do for others and it doesn’t have to cost much. I want to be able to affect as many people as I can and help benefit there life and help them discover or reach their goals. Sometimes it is hard to be self-less in a selfish world, but when you are it is the most rewarding. I hope to become more selfless day by day, and also be aware that becoming self-less never stops, you can always keep going and becoming better. Specifically, the goals I have to have a more self-less life is to go on a mission trip and start or work with a non-profit organization that I am passionate about.  For my day to day life, I hope I strive to be a more positive person. By doing the little things like holding doors open or just smiling at strangers, small and cost-less things, that could change someones day around.


I want to adventure/travel as much as I can. I believe traveling feeds the soul and mind. It allows you to see a different world and really analyze what you want out of life. Engulfing yourself in a different place and culture allows yourself to grow and have a broader worldly perspective. Not only is traveling good for growth, but it is good for being able to appreciate nature or culture within cities. Adventuring is empowering and allows yourself to not only discover new places, but yourself. I hope to back-pack through Europe to be able to survive on myself and life off what is on my back. I believe it would challenge my comfort zone, as well as challenging me on limited myself to just bringing what I can fit in a backpack, the essentials. I relate back-packing to minimalism. Minimalism is something I find very interesting and hope to incorporate the minimalist mindset into my life. Minimalism is minimizing things in your life that don’t add value or things you have an excess of. By letting go of materials things it adds a greater value to the things you do keep. Just like back-packing you add value to what you bring and you have a clear mind because of not having a cluttered life with things.


I want to challenge myself. In life I want to be able to keep challenging myself. Challenging yourself is important in order to grow and to be able to destroy mental blockades you set in your mind. By doing so it enables yourself to live life more confidently and courageously. For example I want to challenge myself by skydiving, but also traveling alone. Each are completely different, but still bring benefits to my life. I like to connect skydiving to the idea that if I can free fall and survive, I can do the same with any decision or endeavor I am scared to make because of the initial falling into the unknown. Also, I am scared of heights, so it would be like killing two birds with one stone.  I believe that traveling alone would be the best self-growth experience. Not having a comfort zone of another person or familiar face would be completely challenging. However, when I travel alone I will get to see who I am alone and really have to be dependent on myself. At that moment I would get to experience how to be in complete control and have a clear mind. I hope to skydive and travel alone within the next 10 years because it is the perfect time. By challenging myself I would be able to gain skills that would help me excel in the work force that I will eventually be going into. I want to be able to take chances and be determined when working.


I want to learn everything I can. I want to be able to play instruments, juggle, or speak different languages. It is important to keep learning in life and my goal is to be a sponge and learn as much as I can. I want to keep expanding my horizons.  Specifically, I want to learn Spanish and sign language within the next 5-10 years, so I can travel and communicate to others. Also, I want to learn how to play guitar and ukulele in the next five  years. Along, with learning languages and new hobbies I want to learn new ideas to broaden my perspective. By broadening your perspective you gain a clearly, open mind as well as the ability to be more empathetic to other peoples opinions.


I want to explore my interests. One of my hardest challenges is being able to pick what is most important to me because I find many things interesting. I want to explore my entrepreneurial side by either opening a business, restaurant, or non-profit within the next 30 years. Also, I want to explore my nature side to see if I would want to educate others on the outdoors and incorporate my leadership skills to provide a camp for at-risk youth. I plan to take outdoor classes at college to see if outdoor education is a hobby or if it’s something I want to incorporate to the rest of my life. By exploring my interests I will be able to determine what is most important in my life, as well as try new things that could bring new skills or bliss to my life.


I want to explore my heritage. I find my ancestors and their history incredibly fascinating. I can see certain traits of my family members in me and I want to reconnect with who I am by exploring my heritage. In the next 40 years I hope to travel to each country that my ancestors originate in like, Russia, Poland, Ireland, Germany, and France. Not only do I want to visit my county roots, but engulf myself more into the culture of each ethnic group. I grew up around my Polish Grandma polka dancing and making paczkis. I always had a strong connection to my Polish roots, but I want to engulf myself in and learn all culture of my ancestors.


I want to become the best version of myself. My end goal is to become the best me. By learning, challenging myself, and growing I only hope it will result in finding myself. I never want to become like others just living day to day and not living up to their full potential. I do not want to just exist, I want to live. By depriving yourself of new opportunities and growth it is selfish, selfish to yourself finding you full potential. There is so much I can be capable of if only I allow myself, too.


Overall, I want to be truly happy. I want to have no regrets because I lived the fullest life I could. I want to know that I never not tried or did something. I want to have a legacy for myself that I am proud of and that can live on after myself. I want to know that I gave to others as much as I could and that I made a difference in my life, knowing that I became the best me.