I have a thirst for trying new things and helping others. I have found that when I am most busy, I am most motivated. Involvements keep me alive and when I do not have something to do, I do not know what to do with myself. My personality is one that needs to be kept busy. Through high school I joined and tried everything available in the high school, along with going outside of school to try new things like volunteering, pageants, and travel sport teams. Going from everything I did in high school, I had to get involved in college. Being involved like I was turned into a lifestyle, it was a part of me. I have a need to help and grow as a person.

Below is each involvement I am in here at CMU.

College 101 gives tours to high school students that are at risk. We strive to instill in them positivity that anything is possible regardless of their situation. College can be for anyone, if they want it to be. Many come from poor areas where financial support is a problem, so ultimately we show them ways to make college possible without the funds. We also try to be a positive influence in encouraging them to go to college because they might not have that person in their life supporting them.

I joined this club because I love CMU and what is has done for me. I wanted to share that love not entirely to advertise CMU, but to show how much college can do for someone. I also love the youth and help shaping and inspiring them in any way. It is upsetting to know that they might not have the knowledge on college or even have a positive role model in their life to help them. I wanted to be the one to show them that they are worthy and that college is possible for them. This club has helped me realize that I am blessed with influential people in my life and I to want to be that influence for someone who wasn’t as fortunate as me to have role models in their life.

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Lunch Buddies is a program where you get partnered up with an elementary student in a local school and mentor them. Each Friday I go to a school to eat lunch and go to recess with my lunch buddy. It is a powerful program because we get to influence them. We show them how to eat healthy through our lunch and we get to show them healthy relationships and team playing at recess. Some children don’t have a role model in their life and it is enriching to be there for them and show them a positive path.

I joined Lunch Buddies because again like college 101 I wanted to be mentor someone and be their role model. The youth is the future and Lunch Buddies is a great organization to help mold the new generation. These children are sponges and it is so powerful to know the effect you can have on them and how you could impact the child’s life. I have learned so much from the children I get to see. I learned to be honest, tell the truth whenever you can. These children do not hold back on what they feel and it is so inspiring because I feel as we get older we aren’t as open and honest to others. Also, I learned to breathe and have fun, to be a kid again. Be silly, run around the park, and just live in the moment. Carefree.



Rotaract is a collegiate level club rooted from the international club called Rotary. Our slogan is service above self and we do many projects locally and internationally. For example, last year we made a ball field for a local trailer park. This year I was able to make blankets for a local homeless shelter. Currently we are sending books to the Philippines and making a mini library for a local trailer park. Not only do we do a lot of service projects, but we get a lot of guest speakers that offer individual volunteer opportunities.

I joined Rotaract because when I was in high school I went to a Rotary camp and started the high school level of Rotary called Rotary Interact. It has brought me joy to give back to the community, as well as internationally. You get to give and be a part of something bigger than yourself. I hold the values of the club close to mine, especially service above self. Rotaract inspires me each day to better the lives around me and help change the world. I learned through the club the importance of service and I got to first hand see the impact it makes for others.




PORC stands for Park and Outdoor Recreation Coalition. We do anything with the outdoors by trying to help out our parks and nature. Through the club we cleaned a local park and did a community clean up of racking leaves.The trip I went on was to Manistee National Forest where we got to partner with the park rangers there. We cleaned and created trails within the forest as well as got to camp in a remote area.

I joined PORC because I love the outdoors and I have a great appreciation and relationship with nature. I wanted to be around like-minded people who love nature. Also, people who want to excite other people about getting outside and enjoying it. I learned the importance of nature and that quality time outside is important to growth, creativity, and to have a time to think about things.

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High Adventure Club is a club that sets out on trips that are full of adventure. I got to go to West Virginia where I cliffed jumped, climbed cliffs, and white water rafted. We went during Gauley Festival, which is when they release the dam so the water is the most dangerous a commercialized rafting company can have people raft on. Another trip I went on was to Kentucky. We go to explore a lot of nature, including their natural bridge. We hiked and climbed, as well. In the future we have planned an ice climbing trip in the U.P. and skydiving.

I joined this club because I love adventure, traveling, and challenging myself. Through the club I learned to fight my fears of heights and embrace in the moment. I now encourage myself to keep challenging myself and facing my fears by being more adventurous.

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Sibling’s Weekend is a big event at CMU. I applied to be on core staff as an entertainment chair. Sib’s weekend is a weekend where students can bring their younger siblings to. Through the weekend the committee puts on many events to make it a fun-filled weekend. I was a co-chair, so me and another person were in charge of all the entertainment events including : life-size board game, instagram scavenger hunt, game show, opening and closing act, sing and dance off, movies, bingo, and Club Bovee.

I applied for this position because it was a good taste of what my major will be like (event planning). Also, since I do not have younger siblings I wanted to still be a part of the event. I cherish my older siblings and I wanted to make a unforgetable weekend because of the special relationship I have with my siblings. I learned a lot about myself during the weekend. I learned my strengths and my weaknesses. Event planning is tiring and difficult, but the end result is so worth it.

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Potter’s House is a local church in Mt. Pleasant. I met the pastor when she came to speak to us in Rotaract. I contacted her and now I work with her on anything she needs, mentoring, planning, or assisting on sessions.

I joined the Potter’s House because Carla inspired me with her selfless attitude and I wanted to be like her. I wanted to learn from her and do whatever I could to help her. She does so much for the community and wanted to be a part of all the great things that she does.



IM sports are international sports that you can do at CMU this year I was on a four person volleyball team. We were able to make it all the way to the semi-finals.

I joined IM because I missed playing sports in high school. It was a great experience to be active and competitive again, but also to have fun and release stress.

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Flint Organization is an organization on campus that fights for a stronger Flint through giving aid and volunteer trips. My 1st trip I was a site coordinator, which I was in charge of a group of volunteers. At the trip we cleaned up and painted a park, cleaned up houses, and cleaned up waste and garbage from an abandoned apartment complex. We also came together at the end to do the touch a truck event where the community was invited to come out to have fun, enjoy food, inflatables, a dj, and other activities. My second trip we went to a senior citizen home where we put on a health fair for them. We partnered with CMU health professions and had different tests available for the senior citizens. We had flu shots, blood pressure checks, and education on eating healthy and exercising. Also, we gave out donated fruit baskets to those that came to the health fair. The third trip we went to was a church in the spanish speaking community where again we did a health fair, but gave out bags of food.

For the future I get to slowly take over the organization to plan and coordinate the trips, since the board now will be graduating in the upcoming years. I joined this organization because I saw how impactful is was going to be. I wanted to be a part of helping those in need. The Flint crisis happened and I feel it is important to help out our neighbors especially when its something affecting their health and well-being. I learned that love is so powerful and that it can overcome any triumph. The community has so much love for each other and we have so much love to give to help make a stronger Flint.

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Lead Team is a team each LAS scholar gets put on to help coordinate. Mine is Grad Ball, which is a ball for the graduating seniors in LAS. This team meets to plan on where we want it, what food to eat, and every other detail of the event. I was assigned this group, but I am really excited about being a part of this event. The seniors have worked so hard and have been great role models. They deserve a great event to acknowledge all of their achievements and to be back together with their cohort for the last time. I hope that in the coming years I can head this because I love the purpose, as well as have a passion for event planning.