Leadership Advancement Scholarship


What is LAS?

LAS stands for Leadership Advancement Scholarship. This award is given out to about 40 high school leaders. To receive the scholarship you need a minimum 3.0 g.p.a., complete an application, and compete in a competition day, which includes an interview. Those picked get to live in a leadership hall together, take leadership emphasized classes, and complete other parts of the scholarship protocol. The courses required in the LAS protocol fulfill general education courses and help toward a leadership minor. Another part of the protocol is to have a blog that outlines who we are and what we do here at CMU. Through the program you also receive a mentor from the previous year and get to join one big leadership family.

With over 2000 competitors I was 1 of 40 selected for LAS! Immediately I felt a part of a family and I knew only great things were to come. LAS provides so many opportunities and each day is a new adventure.

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Why I love LAS…

Coming into CMU I already had a family. This scholarship gives the opportunity to turn strangers into family. I knew coming to college I had my whole cohort on my back supporting me and going through the same experience I was. The transition was so much easier having such supportive and encouraging people. Without my cohort college would be much more challenging than what it already is. The members in my cohort have such huge hearts and talents. It is a blessing to be surrounded by such positive and gifted people.  I love LAS because of the family I have here.

Not only do I have a great cohort, but also great mentors that fill in as parents. One thing I noticed is that word LAS connects us all. For instance, I may not have known many of the mentors, but if they hear I am in LAS they immediately acknowledged you with love and excitement. Personally, my mentor is there for me whenever I need her weather it’s for venting, advice, or just a hug.

Lastly, I love LAS because it is gives me a reason when I feel down. Whenever I have a hard day or think I am not good enough I always think back on LAS. I was accepted for a reason and it is the best thing that could have happened to me. When life is low I think to myself through LAS I will make a difference. I have accomplished so much, why stop now? It is the reason to keep going. LAS pushes me to be a role model and be the best me. Also, it opens so many opportunities because this program is so well known on campus. I am able to enhance my leadership skills through classes and training conferences. Being in LAS we are the first to know about volunteer opportunities and with that I have been able to take advantage of many opportunities that have impacted my life already.

If you are someone thinking about applying for LAS my answer is most definitely yes! If you make it you are a part of a group of the best leaders at CMU. You will grow and have so much opportunities with building relationships, skill sets, and experiences.

Reasons to be in LAS:

  1. Built in family
  2. Something to be proud of
  3. Something to keep you driven
  4. Connections
  5. Opportunities
  6. Never sit alone in the cafeteria
  7. Be surrounded by great motivated people
  8. You get a cool name tag
  9. You get leadership swag
  10. You get to be the leaders of today

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