My 5 greatest strengths acquired by strength’s test.

Through the results it also gave different avenues to learn more about strengths by showing someone who they are, what they can work on, and how others perceive can perceive their skills.

This test was by far the most accurate and precise test I have taken. I encourage others to take the test to get a better understanding of themselves and to get many answers to questions they may wonder about.

My top 5 skills/strengths are

  1. Ideation
  2. Woo
  3. Input
  4. Futuristic 
  5. Empathy


Ideation is someone fascinated by ideas and able to find connections to unalike things.

Insight: People with ideation will have little or big changes create thinking. Time is spent thinking and innovating. These people pose questions and figure out how things work. Conversations with information and facts fascinates these people.

Personal Example: I am fascinated with ideas and creating them. I love to be innovative and using my creativity to improve things or create things. I want to create original creative events to serve others or make my team better. I am fascinated with things beyond the surface value and really understand why things are. It is important to be able to look at things with a different perspective to make things fresh or to be able to understand other people. When I have new idea I am thrilled and excited about it and I jump on it to make it happen, and that is because I am passionate about ideas. This skill is important in activities and working with others to bring a new idea or creation to the table. I use this skill all the time because I want to create fresher ideas and innovate in any way I can to better the things around me.



Woo is someone that loves the challenge of meeting new people, breaking the ice, and making connections with people.

Insight: These people are the ones introducing themselves to new people and befriending others. They never run out of things to talk about and seem enthusiastic about life. They are puzzled when people are not enjoying life and just see life as a struggle. They tend to talk to others to fill an emotional void and conversation energizes them. Another thing they do is make strangers feel welcome and included.

Personal Example:  I woo people. I like dealing with people and making them feel comfortable. As a leader a skill is to be able to communicate with people. I love meeting new people and getting to know them, which allows me to know more people and have more connections. I tend to be initiating conversation and never run out of things to say. As a leader you must be able to take initiative and be easy to talk to. I use this skill in creating connections and making people comfortable. As a leader you must be able to be comfortable around people and this skill always me to be.



Input is someone who wants to know more by collecting new information.

Insight: These people simplify things and break the task or idea down to their basic element. They explore ideas and topics in depth. They feel most at home when they find people who are also thinks they talk about concepts and theories. They are not interested in the useless discussions like drama because they like to think big. Exchanging ideas and pulling together as many thoughts as possible for future use. They have attention to detail and can comprehend meaning of things.

Personal Example: For input I like to gain new knowledge information and ideas. It makes me feel fresh and open to growth. By having a desire to learn and grow it helps transform me in a more well-rounded leader. A leader needs to think big and not be dragged into feeble minded conversations, through this skill I am to do so. I use this skill by learning from other ideas and allows growing my perspective to become the best leader I can.



Futuristic is someone who is inspired by the future and their visions for it.

Insight:  They think of the future and what they hope to have or create. They often share their futuristic ideas with others in order to keep their plans alive. They find it exciting to plan for the future and find power in being able to transform ideas to real life. They often do not believe in chance because they create their own future.

Personal Example: I love to plan for the future because it is exciting that the future is a fresh mold you can create. As a leader it is important to set goals for the future and always look ahead to see what you can better. Also, having this mindset allows me to not dwell on the past, but to learn from it and grow in the future. This skill is really useful as a leader because as a leader we want to keep growing and making differences. Additionally. this skill allows me to be excited for the future and plan for it knowing that each day is an opportunity to make the world a better place.



Empathy is someone who has a sense of other people’s feelings by imagining themselves in their live or situation.

Insight: These people really on gut instincts and can tell when someone needs them. Intuition and feelings play a big role in making decisions. These people regularly reflect on their feelings during and after certain experiences,which sharpens their thinking.  These people can easily talk to others and make them feel comfortable.

Personal Example: I tend to be aware of how others feel and make everyone feel included through my bubbly personality. As a leader this is a crucial skill to have because we should be aware of our team and make sure everyone is okay. Also, a leader should be inclusive and by having empathy as a skill it allows me to make everyone feel included and comfortable.