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Spark Leadership Experience Reflection

Spark Leadership Series is a program training at Central Michigan University. The training is interactive and last roughly 5 hours. This training is meant to help develop your leadership style, network and connect with diverse people, and challenge yourself through leadership activities.

To check out more about Spark Training click this link https://www.cmich.edu/ess/leadership/Pages/alpha.aspx.

This training was more than just doing leadership activities like other training events I have been to, this one allowed me to see what kind of leader I was through a test we were given. It gave me insight and answers to why I do certain things, especially when I lead. My  results showed that my leadership style was spirited. 16251892_10154420433399075_7252067262165220396_o

I learned that as a spirited leader we are high in assertiveness and expressiveness. Other things I learned was that I am a big-picture thinker. I motivate to be creative and create fresh ideas. Another interesting strength as a spirited leader is that we are spontaneous so it keeps a fun atmosphere. I can relate to being a spirited leader because I have a bubbly personality and always am full of life and creativity.


My lowest score for leadership style was considerate. my plan for the future is to listen more, incorporate, and be more patient. I want to grow in this weakness because I value the leaders that are more considerate. I intend on learning through experience , by engulfing myself in more leadership roles and practicing that leadership style. My specific goals to practice being more of a considerate leader is to make sure I ask others for their opinions, stay present and not distracted, and give time to others and fully listen them. I now this will help me because as a spirited leader I can be overenthusiastic with my own ideas. A great leader will acknowledge their weaknesses and work on them to become a better leader, and I intend to do so.

Another thing I want to work on in the future is the trouble spots I learned about for being a spirited leader. The weaknesses we have are being too persuasive, indecisive, and we can  lose sight of long term goals. I believe growing in other leadership styles will help me be able to just apply all my strengths and be aware of what type of leader I want to be. Now, I am going to explore other leadership styles, including being considerate like I talked about. I believe a great leader needs to have some of each leadership style because they are all important.

Additionally, like other trainings I learned so much from being able to connect with different leaders and gain a wider perspective. Through activities we were able to pool all of our strengths and give different perspectives. I got to grow and learn from those around me and create friendships with people different from myself. For future, I am going to continue immersing myself in different cultures, leadership styles, and ideas of other people because it only helps yourself from gaining a broader perspective.



Overall, Spark gave me a better insight to who I am and how I can improve on my leadership skills. Also, it helped me get different perspectives and learn different leadership styles by working with people with styles other than mine. I now feel confident in who I am and how to work with people and be more understanding of other leadership styles.


Butterfly Fly

How does one become a butterfly?

You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.


Leadership Safari allowed me to move in prior to the fall semester at CMU.

Not only did I have more time to settle in, but the opportunity to learn leadership skills and opportunities.

I had so many new feelings coming to college for the first time.

Away from home, by myself!

During, Safari I did not feel butterflies in my stomach I felt the whole zoo!

Like any new experience I was excited, but nervous of the unknown.

It was my first time being on my own and I did not know what to expect.

I wanted to spread my wings, but I find comfort in what’s familiar and that was home.

I found a new home though and Leadership Safari helped me believe that everything will be alright.


I am so thankful I was put into this group, during Safari.

Each individual is so unique and special to me.

Going through the week with them I got to learn so much about these incredible humans.

I learned their struggles in life, their beliefs, and goals.

I was able to open my heart to people who were completely diverse from myself.

The most important thing they taught me is that regardless of beliefs or views there are people out there that will love you for you.

Acceptance and love was key to our group and I found it so important.

There is so much diversity at CMU and with being in such a diverse group that never judged allowed me to carry on that mindset throughout the year when experiencing new cultures and ideologies.


Not only did my group teach me that diversity is okay and should be embraced, but even when you fall you can get back up because we are all in this together.

The scariest thing about college was being alone.

But in reality we are alone, together.

We are connected, like the human knot in the picture.

We may have fallen, but together we lift each other up and keep going.

I found it reassuring, knowing that I was not alone.

This experience was new to everyone and as a group we learned to adapt together.


The day this picture was taken we did a trust fall activity, it helped me let go.

Let go of any fears or second guesses.

Not only was I able to overcome my fear of heights, but I was able to overcome free falling into the unknown.

I found that this activity had a deeper meaning of trusting the people I was placed with.

It showed me that you fall into this thing called college.

You put your trust into it, even though you could have thoughts of what could go wrong, but soon enough that fear is over and you are caught with support and guidance.

When my group caught me I knew everything was going to be okay.


One last picture of my Safari group.

Even though we were team Jaguars, at heart we are all butterflies.

I cannot wait to see where their journey at CMU will take them.

I hope they soar to where ever their heart leads them knowing the sky’s the limit because they are such talented individuals who deserve so much in life.


I feel like everyone has had a cocoon moment in their life, being afraid of change, the unknown, or even growth.

I found that leaving our “cocoon” can be scary and can make yourself question if you can step away from your comfort zone, but when it is all over your soaring in the sky believing there is no limits.

Leadership Safari allowed me to not only become a butterfly, but help me realize I was one all along I just needed to let go and embrace the unknown.

Safari instilled in me hope, excitement, knowledge, love, and friendships.

The guest speakers, activities, and especially my group have impacted me so much, during my first week of being at CMU.

It took a nervous home bound girl and set her free.

Free to spread her wings and fly.


Now, I am going to make sure I can be a mentor to anyone who needs me. Specifically, I want to apply to be a safari guide because mine helped me so much and went out of her way afterwards to make sure I adjusted. Also, I joined College 101 to be guide and mentor for at-risk high school students visiting colleges. I want to use my positive experience to help others that need it. Also, I learned how to be a good guide/mentor and I found the skills my guide had to be useful to bring to my organizations and even when I get a mentee in LAS. The experience has proved beneficial in adjusting to college, but also in helping me be a better leader.