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My Voice is My New Favorite Sound


Through LAS one of our classes was COM 267. As part of our blog criteria we have to reflect about our experience in debate. Through this post I want to share my fears, beliefs, and views of debate after the class.

I was the person who would hide from conflict.

If I had a problem, I would try to ignore it or I would quietly speak up and be shut down by anyone more confident then myself.

I let people walk over me.

I forgave those, when those didn’t even know I was upset.

I had no voice.

I didn’t know how to use my voice.

I didn’t want to hurt people.

But, in the end I just hurt myself…


Taking the debate class gave me a reason to use my voice.

It also taught me the importance of my voice.

I was forced to debate topics with others in the class and saw the power it had.

As a democracy, our voices are so important.

If we want something changed or fixed we are given the right to speak up.

We are the voice of change and we keep this country a democracy.

We voice our opinions to protect our rights and change anything unjust.


If we don’t speak up, there will never be change.

I am so thankful for the people who knew the importance of their voice.

Those people fought for rights that impacted myself, like women rights.

The fight for equality for women is still present, because of the courage of those who see a problem and want a change.


Speech is power.

I learned how to use my voice to show and persuade others of my perspective.

Debate showed me the difference of debating and arguing.

Through arguing nothing gets accomplished, but debating gives alternative to voice your opinion in a respectful manner.

You should never disagree to hurt someone else, but to speak your opinions and feelings and that is what debate is used for.


I have gone through life being stepped on and I have finely found my voice.

I was scared of what my voice could do.

I was scared of conflict.

But now I know the importance and the power of my voice.

Not only can my voice help stand up for myself, but help to make change in the world whether it is in politics, discrimination, or on the other abundance of issues we face in this world today.

I will no longer sit back and let my voice go unheard.

I encourage those who feel like they are being a doormat to speak their mind because nothing will change if you don’t use it.

My voice is my new favorite sound and I cannot wait to use it out.


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You are what you…

You are what you eat, think!


For my leadership scholarship program we had to take PSY 100L and then reflect on it through this blog.

Having an amazing psychology teacher in high school fully prepared me in being able to succeed in the college level class.

Psychology is near and dear to my heart most of my life.

It allows me to understand things that usually do not make sense.

It gives a deeper meaning than the face value.


As a leadership scholar I find psychology very important in leadership.

Psychology can answer questions leaders could have like,

  • How do I motivate my followers?
  • How can I work with different personalities/ people?
  • How can I teach something to someone to remember?

I feel that everybody would benefit from a psychology class because it can help you understand yourself or others.

Psychology can teach parents about childhood development and punishment.

From psychology I learned that you can punish your child, but it only stops the behavior it does not correct it.

That is why I love psychology so much it uncovers meanings behind different aspects in life and gives a better solution or idea to a situation.

Psychology helps me think in a more philosophical way.

The quote above, “Man can alter his life by altering his thinking” is more true then ever.

Being able to see past what is in front of us and what is actually underneath the surface helps to understand things that we cold have misjudged.

Also, being able to use better thinking to understand others, you can also understand yourself.

You can change your life, by rewiring your brain on the thoughts it creates.

I believe that positive thoughts equals a positive life.

You become what you think.

By understanding what makes people, people we are more apt to understand, forgive, and have peace within our life.


This is a quote I enjoy, especially since it ties in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

In Psychology we learned about this hierarchy of needs and how each lower need must be met before moving to a higher level.

The two highest levels, which people find difficult to reach is self-actualization and self-transcendence.

Self-actualization means to find self-fulfillment and and realize one’s potential. Self-transcendence is connecting to something beyond yourself to help others find their potential.

To me the quote means if you live comfortable with living day by day running through the motions through only psychological and safety needs then you are missing out on so much. You will never reach your full potential and you will deny yourself the happiness you could have.

Overall, I enjoyed the Psychology class and I recommend not only the class, but the whole perspective you get out of it.

You will be able to add depth to your thoughts and reasons to your actions.

As well as understanding how powerful our mind is.

In the future I want to continue learning about psychology because it is so useful in working with people and understanding many things in life. I am going to take what I learned and apply to my everyday life, specifically in leadership roles. I now have more knowledge on how to motivate people and different kind of leadership styles. What I have learned and am going to learn will  prove to be beneficial in working with people and understanding myself.