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7 Truths at Conference

Connections conference is a CMU conference that was offered at Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, MI.

As a LAS cohort we all went, but also other organizations from CMU as well. The conference’s theme was to branch out and we were able to do so by interacting with other CMU organizations at the conference.

The goal was to have an opportunity to exchange ideas with other organizations and make new networks through those discussions.

Photo credits: CMU Leadership Institute

Also, with different influential conference speakers it gave an opportunity to strengthen and practice our leadership skills.

We got to choose what speakers we wanted to go to and I choose:

  • What Legacy Will You Leave?
  • Don’t Get Caught in the Mouse Trap of Communication
  • Rooted Growth: Mentoring Peers in Your Community
  • Leaders in Action: Implementing Emotional Intelligence Strategies

7 Things I have learned to be true, during the conference…

  1. You can never stop learning. Leadership is a passion of mine and I will always be fired up to learn or grow in my leadership skills. I believe everyone should want to grow and never define success with a ending point.











2. Support goes a long way. LAS makes a family. The support allows you to grow and take chances knowing people have your back.


3. Connections are important. Branching out and learning about other people is so impacting. By building positive relationships and connections it will help you further your network and diversify yourself. nd to

Photo credits: CMU Leadership Institute

4. Teamwork makes the dream work. You do not have to be alone. By working with someone else you can learn and grow in perspective and bring back more skills than what you had.

Photo credits: CMU Leadership Institute

5. A leader is not flawless. As a leader you will make mistakes nobody is perfect, but a true leader will acknowledged them and keep moving forward. In the picture below we forgot our room key and got locked out, it is not a perfect example of making mistakes, but it does add humor to know that nobody is perfect and sometimes you just have to wait it out.


6.Work hard, sleep hard. The weekend was exhausting. You know you it was a good conference when you are so tired you pass up being at the water slide.


7. Love makes the world go round. Going with my cohort to the conference allowed me to make better connections with the people in LAS. We all grow to love each other and we will forever be there for each other.


NOW: I am going to use my connections I made to learn more about different organizations and to work with different leaders on campus. I am going to implement different skills other leaders talked about at the conference to benefit my organizations. I now have connections with many diverse leaders and I know if I ever need help or have questions I can lean to them to use their knowledge I may not of have.


I Will Remain…


In my leadership class my group was assigned a leadership-themed book and it was A Leader’s Legacy.  

As a leader we do things each day that help to create what our legacy will be.

The greatest leaders are those that do for others, not themselves.

The things you do for others will shape the legacy you leave because the things you do for yourself die with you.


The book taught be that leaders are going to suffer and it is important to be interested in others success.

As a leader you lead by example and teach others by showing them what to do.

Everyday we encounter people, at which they get to see who we are. Your actions and encounters play a role in the legacy you leave.

It is important to stay mindful of what you show others because that is how others will remember you as.


Not only is it important to teach others, but be open to learn from others.

Everyone in your life has a lesson to give you.

To grow and become the person you need to be you must be open to never stop learning and growing.

Those who leave the strongest legacies are those that don’t sit by, they stand up and make things happen. You show others that you can make a difference!

As a leader, you must trust, encourage and appreciate those around you because it makes a great impact on how they see you. Not only is it the things you do, but the way you act towards others that show your character and the legacy you want to leave.

Leader’s require courage. Courage to be

the person they want to be by standing by their values and beliefs.

An important lesson I learned from the book is that everyone has their own legacy they want to leave and as a leader you have to be mindful of that. Many people in charge tend to infringe on the freedom of others to express their ideas or work independently.


A part of our project was to do a video portion. We choose to tape people asking them what they want their legacy to be and what they are doing now to achieve that.

click here for our video

We found it important to think to ask ourselves those questions.

We get caught up in life and sometimes forget what we are truly trying to accomplish. We all have an idea of what legacy we want to leave, but are we doing the right things each day to leave that legacy?

I want to make a legacy that will represent who I want to be saw as. Now I am going to work on how I can create my legacy. I am going to be more positive and inspirational to those that I am around. I am going to continue being involved and doing volunteer work because it is giving be the opportunity to build my legacy.

I want to be compassionate.

I want to be self-less.

I want to be up-lifting.

I want to inspire others.

At which, I will remain… by the image I create for myself.