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7 Truths at Conference

Connections conference is a CMU conference that was offered at Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, MI.

As a LAS cohort we all went, but also other organizations from CMU as well. The conference’s theme was to branch out and we were able to do so by interacting with other CMU organizations at the conference.

The goal was to have an opportunity to exchange ideas with other organizations and make new networks through those discussions.

Photo credits: CMU Leadership Institute

Also, with different influential conference speakers it gave an opportunity to strengthen and practice our leadership skills.

We got to choose what speakers we wanted to go to and I choose:

  • What Legacy Will You Leave?
  • Don’t Get Caught in the Mouse Trap of Communication
  • Rooted Growth: Mentoring Peers in Your Community
  • Leaders in Action: Implementing Emotional Intelligence Strategies

7 Things I have learned to be true, during the conference…

  1. You can never stop learning. Leadership is a passion of mine and I will always be fired up to learn or grow in my leadership skills. I believe everyone should want to grow and never define success with a ending point.











2. Support goes a long way. LAS makes a family. The support allows you to grow and take chances knowing people have your back.


3. Connections are important. Branching out and learning about other people is so impacting. By building positive relationships and connections it will help you further your network and diversify yourself. nd to

Photo credits: CMU Leadership Institute

4. Teamwork makes the dream work. You do not have to be alone. By working with someone else you can learn and grow in perspective and bring back more skills than what you had.

Photo credits: CMU Leadership Institute

5. A leader is not flawless. As a leader you will make mistakes nobody is perfect, but a true leader will acknowledged them and keep moving forward. In the picture below we forgot our room key and got locked out, it is not a perfect example of making mistakes, but it does add humor to know that nobody is perfect and sometimes you just have to wait it out.


6.Work hard, sleep hard. The weekend was exhausting. You know you it was a good conference when you are so tired you pass up being at the water slide.


7. Love makes the world go round. Going with my cohort to the conference allowed me to make better connections with the people in LAS. We all grow to love each other and we will forever be there for each other.


NOW: I am going to use my connections I made to learn more about different organizations and to work with different leaders on campus. I am going to implement different skills other leaders talked about at the conference to benefit my organizations. I now have connections with many diverse leaders and I know if I ever need help or have questions I can lean to them to use their knowledge I may not of have.



Dear, Mentor thank you for being my other half.

Thank you for all the laughs, phone calls, and memories.

Through the short months I have known you, I knew that you being my mentor was meant to be! We are one in the same and I appreciate you always being there for me.

I remember the mentor reveal week and you made an anonymous account to talk to me on.

Something I never told you was that when you were explaining the mini mentor families I was able to find out who you were.

When I found out who you were by doing some investigating, (sorry I could not wait!) I had so many questions. I did not recognize who you were, since we never met on competition day.

I wondered if I would like you or even if you would like me.

When I met you at IHOP I tried to act surprised even though I already knew who I was looking for.

Spending that short time in IHOP I was so happy with who I got as my mentor.

You are so down to earth and loving.


Mentor/Mentee Retreat

The mentor/mentee retreat was the first time to actually spend quality time with my mentor and it allowed for our friendship to grow.

I learned so much about her and myself. That weekend turned a stranger I met at IHOP into one of my best friends.

Through LAS freshmen mentees get to go on a weekend retreat with their mentors.

At the retreat we got to bond with our cohort and our mentors. The activities we did not only challenged us, but gave us many valuable lessons to remember and incorporate into our life.

There were many laughs, hugs, and memories shared during this weekend.

I am able to say that this retreat allowed me to connect with everybody and help me face my fears. It also made me believe that my mentor was perfect for me!

Things I learned at the retreat

1. My mentor will always smile through my sass14291750_10202162682346355_3321911499140469988_n

I love having a just as sassy mentor as me. She appreciates who I am, as well as understands me. She smiles through my sass and loves me for who I am.

2. My mentor and I (plus Hannah) appreciate our sleep

Photo credit: CMU Leadership Institute

I have learned that not only are we sassy, but we appreciate our sleep. During, the retreat she had no guilt for just laying down and taking a nap and at that moment I knew we would get along just fine.

3.  We build each other up

Photo credit: CMU Leadership Institute

Throughout the weekend there was so much support and encouragement. It is so important to surround yourself with people that build you up.

4. My mentor will always be there to hold me up


My mentor stayed by my side throughout the weekend. I gained so much trust with her and knew she would not let me down.

5. Laughs feed the soul

Photo credit: CMU Leadership Institute

The weekend was filled with laughs and smiles. The ability to be in the moment and appreciate your company is something to always save time for.

6. You should not run from your fears 

Photo credit: CMU Leadership Institute

The retreat had me face my fear of heights through many activities. I learned that you can run away from your fears or you can embrace them. The best thing you can do for yourself is to step out of your comfort zone.

7.  Sometimes you have to support your mentor 

Photo credit: CMU Leadership Institute

Even though I am the mentee I want to be there for my mentor. I want to support her, as she will for me.

8. I will never be alone

Photo credit: CMU Leadership Institute

I found a family through LAS and I am so grateful for them and the retreat.

Thank you so much Josephine!

You are a perfect mentor for me.

Just like the retreat, I cannot wait to make more memories with you. I only hope to be just as great as mentor as you and make the retreat as special as you made it for me.

Much love, Nicole.


This experience has taught me what kind of mentor I want to be. I am looking forward to being the same way my mentor was to me to my mentee, loving and supportive. Also, I am going to use the discussions and activities to bring back those lessons to my everyday life. I was able to face my fear of heights and I am going to continue challenging myself. Also, what I learned through the activities is that support and team work are crucial. I am going to be more supportive because it helped me challenge myself during the weekend. I am going to take the teamwork skills and support I enhanced on, back to my organizations.