Rotaract: Social Chair

  As a junior in LAS, we have to hold an e-board position in an RSO. Something I have been very passionate about is Rotaract, a service organization that I have been a part of since high school. Freshman year I actually was able to hold an e-board position and since then I have been … Continue reading Rotaract: Social Chair


Junior Lead Team: Harvest Dinner

This year's lead team requirement I wanted to try something that was not Grad Ball, so that for my last year I could experience something new. I was selected for harvest dinner, which is almost like a social for LAS scholars, during Thanksgiving time. We are encouraged to eat together at the dining hall and … Continue reading Junior Lead Team: Harvest Dinner

CETL: The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

A requirement for LAS is to be a part of an academic committee, which means a committee that works with professionals and adults at CMU. This allows us to get experience working with professionals adults, rather than just other students. Also, many committees are very interesting and have a lot to deal with how CMU … Continue reading CETL: The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

PHL 118 Moral Problems

As a LAS scholar I had to take PHL 118, Moral Problems. This class was about moral problems in the world and different philosophies behind what should be done solve them. A few moral problem examples are abortion, euthanasia, or legalization of drugs. When we look at these topics, all involve heavy ideas that bring … Continue reading PHL 118 Moral Problems

COM 461 Communication in Leadership

COM 461 is a course taken when being a part of the Leadership Program. Communication in Leadership was a class that explored how communication is crucial in a leadership role. There are so many different facets to communication, so it was enlightening to learn so much about how as leaders we can communicate in certain … Continue reading COM 461 Communication in Leadership

SOC 221 Social Problems

As part of the Leadership Scholarship it is required to take a sociology class. Through this class I learned about social issues in our world today. I found this class to be very relevant as leader. As leaders we want to change the world, but to do that we first must know the inequalities and … Continue reading SOC 221 Social Problems