Rotaract: Social Chair

  As a junior in LAS, we have to hold an e-board position in an RSO. Something I have been very passionate about is Rotaract, a service organization that I have been a part of since high school. Freshman year I actually was able to hold an e-board position and since then I have been … Continue reading Rotaract: Social Chair


HDF 110: Oppression: Roots and Impact

I had to take a class called HDF 110; Oppression: Roots and Impact for my Leadership Minor. This class was to discuss the different roots and impact of different forms of oppression. The professor did a great job in providing a safe place to share ideas and to be able to respect other people's opinions. … Continue reading HDF 110: Oppression: Roots and Impact

SOC 221 Social Problems

As part of the Leadership Scholarship it is required to take a sociology class. Through this class I learned about social issues in our world today. I found this class to be very relevant as leader. As leaders we want to change the world, but to do that we first must know the inequalities and … Continue reading SOC 221 Social Problems

RSO Reflection 2: Flint Active Crisis Team and Service

The Flint Active Crisis Team and Service is an organization that assists the community of Flint through service trips. Flint, MI has been without clean water since April of 2014. That is what piloted the creation of this organization. As a freshman I was able to be a site leader and a volunteer through a … Continue reading RSO Reflection 2: Flint Active Crisis Team and Service

RSO Reflection: Rotaract

Rotaract is a service organization I continue to be a part of in my college career. Being elected Social Chair for this year I was able to implement new ideas and grow my leadership skills through the organization. To learn more about Rotary visit my previous blog post What is Rotaract? Previously, the social chair was … Continue reading RSO Reflection: Rotaract

LEAD Team Reflection

As an LAS Scholar a requirement is to be a part of a Lead Team each year. Last year I blogged about my experience on the Grad Ball Lead Team and this year I got the same opportunity to be on that Lead Team, but as the co-chair coordinator of it. As a refresher, Grad … Continue reading LEAD Team Reflection