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Leadership Intelligence

At the Connections Conference we had sessions to pick from and the one I learned most from was Leaders in Action: Implementing Emotional Intelligence Strategies.

As a requirement to blog about a leadership lecture I thought this was the perfect one.

If want to know more about what Connections Conference is go to my blog post, ” The 7 Truths at Conference”


During, the session they broke down Emotional Intelligence into four categories:

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Self-Management
  3. Social Awareness
  4. Relationship Management



As a leader you must be able to check yourself and be able to ask why you are doing the things you do. Visit your values. Checking in with yourself allows you to stay focused and make sure the things you do have a purpose.

Also, by reflecting on yourself it is crucial to know what or who makes you mad and learn from that. What makes you upset and why does it?

Gaining feedback from yourself is important, but also seeking out feedback from others. It provides you the opportunity to get an outside perspective and self evaluate yourself.

To be a better you, you have to know you and know you are being true to you.

Now, I am going to take time to reflect in my everyday life. I see how in my past I get carried away in the day, but I a working on being more self-aware. I am learning more about myself, now that I analyze and think about things.




The overall message of self-management is stay positive and do positive things.

When you are upset, count to 10.

Whether an encounter with someone is good or bad, a leader will find a valuable lesson in the encounter and use it to grow.

When you have a difficult decision, sleep on it.

A leader must take control of their self talk making sure it is positive and that they can speak and see success for themselves. Instead of looking at limitations, look at freedoms.

Physical and mental health is important so it is necessary to take time to recharge or have a better sleep schedule.

As a leader I am going to practice not to run off of emotions or make irrational decisions. It is important to stay strong, calm, and positive as a leader. I am going to practice the tips I was given like counting to ten when I get upset and making sure self-talk is positive.



Social Awareness

A few key things they mentioned when dealing with people is greet people by their name, watch body language, and make timing everything.

Also, it is important to live in the moment and listen to those around you. The hardest thing people find to do is truly listen.

A good question to ask yourself is are you truly listening? People can pick up on body language and insincerity, so evaluate the way that you listen.

Being around people it is important to seek the whole picture, sometimes we just see face value and make quick judgments, seek to understand.

The best way to understand is to step into their shoes and really get a better perspective of what you thought.

Now, I am going to be more aware. I feel this lesson of social awareness is most important, but rarely utilized. If I change or improve on my relationships with others it will give me more respect from others. As a leader it can feel empowering, but it is important to not get big-headed and remember to do the little things, like remembering names and truly listening. I am going to practice these skills in my organizations and with any relationship I have because the way you treat others tells a lot about yourself.



Relationship Management

Through relationships it is important to be open whether it is dealing with hard conversations or taking feedback well.

You must always be open and mindful of your feelings and of others.

By avoiding giving mixed messages and being open you gain trust with those around you. Other things you can do to gain trust is remembering the little things, when you care show it, having an open door policy, and acknowledging other people’s feelings.

Trust is huge within building and maintaining relationships.

One piece that they talked about that influenced me the most is explaining your decisions, not just making them.

Many leaders decide on things with out explaining the reason for them and I feel it is so important in being aware of why you do the things you do.

Now I am going to make sure that I am keeping conversations open and clear. Being in many organizations communication is important. As a leader in organizations I want to make my team feel comfort to talk to me, so I am going to incorporate asking others if they have in questions or concerns. Also, I am going to keep a positive inviting attitude, so myself and my team are all on the same page and not holding anything back.